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Roof Partners was started by Anthony Mills as a division of Superior Commercial Roofing. Elaine Bare president of Roof Partners is the mother of Anthony Mills.

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About Roof Partners

A Quick Summary of the facts

Elaine Bare did not start a roofing company in the 1980’s. Robert and Elaine Bare started Roofing Associates in 1998.
The company lost money every year and closed after only 6 years. Elaine was removed from the company in 2002 by Robert Bare.

– Elaine’s Company “Roofing Associates” never merged with Superior Commercial Roofing.

– Roof Partners was created by Anthony Mills as a division of Superior Commercial Roofing. Superior Commercial Roofing provided all of the money, customers, employees, trucks, tools and business systems.
Roof Partners is Superior Commercial Roofing!

Our Story

Roof Partner

Cool Timeline

Sep 1994

Superior Commercial Roofing, Inc

Superior Commercial Roofing, Inc

Superior Commercial Roofing, Inc. was started by Anthony Mills on 10-03-1994.
Elaine Bare is employed by MSI at this time. As of 10-03-1994 Elaine Bare has not owned any roofing companies.

Oct 1998

Roofing Associates, Inc

Roofing Associates, Inc was started by Robber and Elaine Bare on 09-11-1998. Robert Bare had worked for roofing manufacturers like Tamco for most of his life. Elaine Bare had worked for roofing companies in accounting most of her life. This is the first roofing company Elaine had some ownership of 1998.

Jan 2002

Robert Bare Removes Elaine Bare From Roofing Associates. 2002 – Civil Action File # 02CV12589-8

In 2002 Robert Bare removed Elaine Bare from Roofing Associates and changed the locks on the door. He also filed for divorce over the relationship Elaine Bare had with an employee of Roofing Associates JR. In Elaine’s words regard what Robert Bare did to her:

5: He locked me out. Why a man that would lock you out, have the locks changed, and throw all of your stuff in a box!

16: I would never do that to him!

Anthony Mills took Elaine Bare in during this time of crises for Elaine! PDF – 4 –
Elaine removed from Roofing Associates

Jan 2002

Elaine Bare Starts Working For Superior Commercial Roofing 2002

After Anthony Mills stepped in to help his mother Elaine Bare out of the issues with Roofing Associates a failing company and her divorce from Robert Bare, Anthony Mills hired Elaine to work at Superior Commercial Roofing, Inc. Superior Commercial Roofing was given no Roofing Associates customer as a result of the law suites and no roofing Associates. Elaine Bare did not have a company to merge with Superior Roofing. Elaine Bare worked at Roofing Associates for only 4 years.

Jan 2003

2003 To 2004 Roofing Associates Goes Out Of Business

In 2002 Anthony Mills hired lawyer for Elaine Bare so that Elaine Bare would be protected against creditors of Roofing Associates. Mills’s lawyers were successful in having the Rockaway Home removed as collateral and removed Elaine’s signature guaranties with creditors. The company had lost money for two years and had stopped paying the IRS payroll deduction from their employees tax after taking it from their checks. When the company finally failed, Elaine got to keep the home she and her husband purchased and did not have a federal tax lien failed against as was field against her husband Robert Bare.

Aug 2010

127 Villamoura Way Home Purchased By Anthony Mills

Anthony Mills purchased the 127 Villamoura Way home on 11-08-2010 for $300,000. The home is located in the Saint Ives neighborhood that Anthony Mills lives in. The home was purchased so that Elaine could be close to Mill’s two sons, Elaine’s grand children. The home was in foreclosure. The previous owned had removed everything from the home. All doors, carpet, lights, electrical outlets, cabinets, part of the walls and HVAC vents. Superior/Anthony Mills paid over $250,000 to renovate the home

Nov 2011

Villamoura Way LLC – Engagement Letter

Anthony Mills engaged Scott Calhoun of Hendrick Phillips Salzman & Flatt on 3-11-2011. Anthony Mills and Elaine Bare agreed to put the 127 Villamoura way home in the Villamoura Way LLC so that the home could be gifted to Elaine’s Grandchildren and so that the home could not be used personally as collateral. The LLC was a 50/50 split based on both Elaine and Anthony contributing $250,000 each. Anthony’s $250,000 was put in as cash in 2011, Elaine got a loan of $250,000. Elaine stock was not 100% until the loan was paid.

Jun 2020

Roof Partners Website

Roof Partners Website

I will start the timeline with what Elaine Bare has listed on Roof Partners website explaining her past and were Roof Partners came from! All of the information listed in the box is simply not true.

Roof’s website has Elaine’s story listed under “Meet our team”.

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Andrew Rathore

mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone and feel the charm of existence in this spot

Andrew Rathore

mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone and feel the charm of existence in this spot

Andrew Rathore

mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone and feel the charm of existence in this spot
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